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sites to search for matt an rahman -- abraham. >> a lab tech these has changed the plea the guilty. it's a plea deal debra madden. she was charged with making off with cocaine she was supposed to test at the lab in 2009, as a result hundreds of drug cases had to be thrown out. parents are making a. >> you can see the crowd is in force with their signs. you can hear cars showing their support, they want to force the registered sex offender to live somewhere else. willow cove elementary is just down the corner but it is far enough away to allow this unwanted neighbor into the area. >> parents and children who crowded the corner of willow pass in bay point were the opposite of a welcome party. they lost a battle to keep a violent predator from moving into a cottage on this property, but they want an appeals court to reconsider. we have children who walk by themselves right past where he's held. every day they walk by to get to and from school. letyisha go mess has two children at the school. it takes a minute to drive from the school to the home. that's too close. my concern is the safety
't planning immediate changes. the complex includes a movie authority to and bed bath and beyond. >>> samsung unveiled its latest phone, the galaxy s4. it is slimmer and lighter than the s3. and has a 5-inch high definition screen. the galaxy galaxy s4 can stop and start videos based on whether someone is looking at the screen. all service providers will be selling the phone. >>> california water officials released the first part of the sacramento-san joaquin delta plan. it would protect the ecosystem and guarantee a stable water supply. a tunnel project it will carry water south to cities and farms. other parts will be released next month. >>> another nice day in the bay area. >> another warm day. clouds earlier. you see a few high clouds but temperatures today in the 70s. plenty of mid-70s. lots of clouds now. the clouds are in response to a weak weather system. and the fog in response to that as well. temperatures cooled in some areas today. it was cooler than yesterday. i don't see 80s out there. official numbers we will have 80s. right now we got fog here. and then this other stuff -- th
police lab may be ready to change her plea. a court docket indicates the case of madden will be back in court. madden's defense attorneys have been negotiating a plea bargain. her attorney says they are still working on the the details. madden may accept a guilty plea to simple cocaine possession. >>> the stolen luxury yacht that ran aground yesterday has been recovered and is now sitting at a richmond boat yard. the $2 million vessel named darling was hoisted out of the water this morning and suffered extensive damage. three people are accused of stealing the 82-foot yacht from a sausalito marina. they apparently used it as a party boat. the owner of the company that towed the yacht was amazed to hear that the thieves were caught. >> that is the first one where i've seen them have to get the perpetrators off. usually the perpetrator when it goes aground jump out and start running. >>> siting sources familiar with the brand says apple's next iphone will be called iphone 5s. the iphone is said to be similar. the blog also reports apple is set to release their next i pad as early as ne
been injured, many of those were life changing injuries. estimated 134,000 iraqi civilians have been killed with thousands more injured. the bush administration started the war because they claimed iraq had weapons of mass destruction. a claim that was eventually proven false. but there were successes, such as removing saddam hussein from power and the establishment of democratic elections. >> reporter: the financial cost of the wore calculated at $2.2 trillion. a recent gallop poll surveyed 52% felt the invasion of iraq was a mistake. >> >> tomorrow, installation of pope francis. vice president joe biden will be leading the delegation. today, pope francis met with the president of his home country, argentina. kristina fernandez. she said she asked the pontiff to help settle argentina's dispute with the uk own the falkland islands. >> >> march madness is under construction here at hp pavilion. great for the fans, an economy onto itself. >> >> back here in 10 minutes, you noticed increasing clouds. there is rain in your future. how much you could get and what areas that will see the m
now. to me it means there will be a change, a positive change coming out of this. this decision is actually made. >> fighting for my rights, for the lights of the community and i'm showing i care and that i want equal treatment under the law. >> while we may disagree with other clergy who feel differently we still stand with the couples and the families that are waiting for this day of justice to happen. >> reporter: as you can see people have been bringing rainbow flags, signs, wearing t- shirts, all in support of a reinstatement of gay marriage in the state of california. if not nationwide. i have been looking around the crowd in the area and i haven't seen anybody who is in support of proposition eight. of course that is the gay marriage ban but this is going to last until eight tonight. we will be here and we will bring you more live pictures coming up in the 6:00 news. reporting live. channel 2news. >> some cities in california are showing support for gays and lesbians during the two days of arguments. in long beach the gay flag is hanging at city hall. the mayor there s
such as implementing healthcare changes. >> there are a lot of changes that are impacting local government. it requires somebody who is experience. >> canddants have till wednesday to file -- candidates have till wednesday to file. >>> the office of ethics conducts investigations into house members. the investigation centers on spend being boxman or members of her staff. her attorney says michele bachmann is cooperating with the investigation. >>> apple perched a start up -- perched a start up. the company is paying $20 million for wifi slam. apple confirms the deal but isn't giving any details. >>> chevron struck oil at a new well in the gulf of mexico. the company today announced the discovery at the well. 190 miles off the louisiana coast. crews drilled 6 miles deep. the well results are being evaluated. it is 12 miles from a discovery last week. >>> the golden gate bridge district is days away from ending its toll collection. a new sign is up to remind drivers the bridge will convert to electronic tolling on wednesday. you will have a choice of fast track or pay based on a picture. >>> caltrans pla
: this is going to require a major change in the design, the basic design of the bridge itself. a third of the roteds are -- rods are covered. engineers say some sort of coloring system will be built around them to shore them up and make the system safe. how can you guarantee that? >> that is the challenge of the design team. any solution we put in place will cause this to perform as it was designed to perform. >> reporter: of course that's what was promised with the first design and this one is going to be awfully expensive. you should be watching at 6:00 and we're going to take a look at how this could affect the opening of the bay bridge scheduled for labor day. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> arson investigators looking for the cause of an early morning four alarm fire. the fire started just before 1:00 a.m. near third street. 20 people evacuated the apartments there. everyone got out safely. >> blames started shooting up until where you can see it from a distance. we were across the street. >> some people were stuck up in that building. you can hear them hollering. was so
in that country say life changed. >> and a spectacular sight overseas. the volume can in this case blast that sent lava flying nearly 10,000 feet. >>> and madonna once again making a statement, a comment she made in support of the gay and lesbian community. if yo, then you're going to love sizzler's shrimp combos starting at just $9.99! four kinds of shrimp, seasoned just right and served in the new combinations. at sizzler! >>> it was ten years ago this tuesday that the u.s. led the coalition to iraq starting the triggering of the iraq war. a woman and her two daughters were in baghdad when the fighting began and remain there today. it professional and human rights activest could have left but chose to stay and says now she lost hope for her family and says corporation is ramped and the country is unsafe. >> the fear is different. you don't know who is in the next car. when i walk i don't feel comfortable because i feel threatened that someone might hurt me or, you know, harass me or do anything to me. >> according to a new study by brown university, more than 100,000 iraqi civil
, thousand -- not thousand, 500 miles, 400 miles. things are going to change, though. the latest model -- not latest model, next week, significant rain into the middle or end of next week. that is the big deal, the weather headline. besides warmer. this could break up and we could see a bit of rain coming our way. few high clouds out there, mountains as well. clouds again tonight. over night lows into the 30s and 40s. as you move into the afternoon, tomorrow temperatures warmer. current temperatures 67 fairfield. 69 antioch. 60 mountain view. 61 san jose. as we go into the next few days. next 24 hours, high-pressure system intensifies. the air is sinking. if you look at the coast, fog pressed down, it is because of the sinking air. coastal fog, not valley fog, making poor visibilities and creating a cool argument along the coast -- cool environment along the coast. when i come back, we will roll it forward and i will find you rain that shows up next week and the weekend is right here, how warm will it be? there will be changes. i will let you know what to expect. >>> a helping hand. th
, and angelo scola going into round one. but that can change. even if it takes a few days for white smoke to appear. in rome, leeland vitter, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> many bay area catholics attended a special mass today to pray for the cardinals. ktvu's ken pritchett is live in the city where there was a lot of anticipation about what is happening in rome. >> reporter: that's true. no one we talked to expected to see white smoke today. hopes differ on what kind of pope people would like to see. it was a special mass this morning at st. mary's cathedral to pray for the cardinals in rome as the church wades through an unusual and historic time. >> i was kind of amazed at pope benedict, at his presence in the united states a few years ago inspired me to enter the priesthood. >> seminary hopes the cardinals will pick a pope that keeps with tradition. parisher would like to see them move on issues. >> diplomatic, and i would hope someone who is brave enough to make some changes. >> during the afternoon mass, the signal was sent above the sistine chapel, black smoke signifying no one gath
was shot. >>> the changes to hayward streets is only days old and the city is already hearing from people. the project has converted two way streets to one way traffic. some drivers say the changes are confusing and dangerous. they say there's not enough warning before they encounter on coming traffic. ktvu asked a city official about that today and he says overhead signs that will be easy to see are coming soon. >> the signs are being made as we speak. and they're going to be going up in the next few days or week. that concern is valid. >> the city says starting tonight there will also be improvements to traffic lights. the loop is still a work in progress. it'll be months before the construction is finished. >>> in san francisco there is new hope for the homeless. this time it's coming from the high-tech world. david stevenson is here and shows us what hundreds of tech companies and their employees are doing to try to make a difference. >> reporter: last week we saw bay area and silicon valley tech companies come together. this week to take on homelessness. the singers sang "lean on me"
of this day in history. >> it is a change for the catholic church. of course, as a san franciscans i am a progressive catholic and we would like to see more great things come out of the catholic church. today is hope for that. >> reporter: back out here live, they have been watching coverage of the selection of the pope on the big screen here today and today we spoke to a man who just moved to the u.s. from argentina. he was familiar with cardinal jorge mario bergoglio. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> vice president joe biden is expected to lead the u.s. delegation to the pope's installation mass next tuesday. according to reports, pope benedict xvi doesn't plan to attend. in 2005, jeb bush headed the delegation. president obama offered warm wishes to pope francis i. he said i look forward to working with him to advance peace, security and dignity, regardless of faith. >>> we are learning the pope francis i is scheduled to meet with pope benedict xvi tomorrow. the meeting will take place that papal retreat south of rome. the news of the meeting was over h
a poem was the baton for their relay seth morano, with the final message for care 2 tri. seth: change isn't easy or always fun if you follow it through, it's worth it in the long run many have disabilities, and didn't understand why now we're here giving it a try take the focus off yourself, and you will motivate others too we're average people not elite we help to encourage to follow your dream yes! narrator: this is rev3 media. . >>> a soldier from the east bay has been killed in the line of duty, we will tell you what special combat force he was assigned to. >>> and remembering a north bay teen who lovered car racing, a sport which ultimately took his life. >>> i am absolutely against a ban on same-sex marriages. >>> and the debate on same-sex marriages just days before weighing in on proposition 8. complete news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >>> we begin with breaking news on half-moon bay. they are searching as well as the coast guard looking for a missing man on the beach. the missing man was reported missing 2:45 this aft
it lost more than $200,000. >>> a cannabis club in hercules has shut down in the midst of a change of ownership and licensing problems. the website for hercules health center said it's temporarily closed and is relocating. there are also reports that the owner and resident chiropractor canceled the license or had it revoked and sold the business. the manager was also arrested. it's not clear if or when it will reopen. >>> scientists in atlanta say a mississippi baby born with the aids virus has been cured. they say the baby is 2 and a half and has been off medication for about a year with no sign of medication. they're crediting faster and stronger treatment immediately after the birth. if the baby remains healthy, this will mark the world's second reported hiv cure. >>> the first sunday the catholic church has been without a pope in eight years. amy kellogg reports church officials plan to meet tomorrow for the conclave. >> reporter: today is the first sunday without a pope, the first sunday of the vacancy. for many of the faithful it was quite poignant to be out on st. peter's sq
in effect. however, that could change as the night goes on. at blue canyon, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> and there is more out there and where he is on the west slope, certainly more snow flurries and a winter storm warning up in the lake tahoe area through the evening hours. so here is the system i'm tracking. it is basically the heaviest rain went through last night. we are still getting scattered showers. you see it throughout the state. widely scattered showers and nothing well organized. real organized stuff went through last night at around 10:00, 11:00. we do have rain in the east foothills southeast of milpitas, all run off toward mission peak. it draws a lot of showers up there because of how high it is and how big it is. up toward american canyon, south of napa, more showers and northeast of napa, more scattered showers. so we back out and we can take a look at the winter storm warning up on 50 and 80 and as ken mentioned, they are not chaining up on 80 right now. but there are still snow areas or snow flurries coming down and more moving up into the mountains. so as
manslaughter and three counts of driving under the influence. prosecutors say he ran down chang. brewer could face 10 years in prison. he is scheduled to return to court later this month. >>> san jose police have arrested a man in connection with a fatal stabbing at a parking. police say 20-year-old vincent gallegos killed 37-year-old eric white. news chopper 2 was over the scene when white's body was found in guadalupe oak grove park. police say they don't believe it was gang related. >>> tonight we're getting a better picture of the damage done to berkeley's penny's restaurant in an early morning fire. allie rasmus live with the latest on the fire. >> reporter: to my right you can see some of the wooden boards where they're getting ready to board up the broken windows here. they're canceling all of the reservations at least through march 23rd. the restaurant will be shut down because of the fire. there were lots of hugs. >> it definitely touches me deeply. i care about this neighborhood and businesses. i mean it's just our 41st year. >> reporter: the fire broke out at 3: 3: 3:00 this morni
is changing its front page, mark zuckerberg announced this morning that the new home page will be released. >>> michigan judge today delayed the decision on that state same-sex marriage band. the judge says he will wait for this year's case before ruling on whether michigan's ban is unconstitutional. he made the announcement during the case brought by a lesbian couple. they filed a lawsuit last year attacking a michigan law that prohibits them from jointly adopting the children because they are not married. >>> in the public service announcement, the mayor's employer congress to pass laws that would require background checks, limit the sale of military style arms, and make gun trafficking a federal crime. >> no more families to console. >> no more neighborhoods in mourning. >> no more makeshift memorials. >> demand action. >> the bipartisan coalition mayors against illegal guns includes 45 mayors and grass roots supporters. voters overwhelmingly support background checks for all gun sales. >>>ford is recalling mini vans to fix rust problems that could cause the third row seats to come los
investigation. >> the holiday weekend is coming up, and it's nice out there now. fog at the coast but changes and rain in the bay area weekend forecast. the timeline and showers that you can expect. >>> as we first reported for you here at 5:00 earlier this month, since 2010, taxpayers bailed out the senate at a cost of more than $1 million, and now as scott macfarland reports, the senate is cutting back. >> reporter: how much do you pay your stylist or barber? we are told the cuts are $35 here and the dye job, $105, but some of the staff paid out $80,000 a year before tips, and in the process, this place is hemorrhaging money. taxpayers had to cough up $400,000 to help pay the bills last year. it's just one of the perks that the senators have, and they also have the subway system that takes them to the personal offices and cafes and post offices on the campus ground. and it brings them to the barbershop that is causing the most outrage. >> why do these things happen in the first place? >> i think for two reasons. one, it's nostalgia. you have the institutions, the barbershop or post office
. >> reporter: now, as you can see a lot of things have changed here. this building has been vacant for years. earlier we showed you the entrepreneurs for people to talk to them about what they were doing. right now you are seeing retail business whose set up who don't have a permanent place to be but took this building and used it as a tempterary -- temporary place. that is what is going on here in downtown san jose right now. this goes on till 8:00 p.m. tonight and then city takes what happens, evaluates it and tries to take what is supposed to be a temporary fix and make it more permanent. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> it was a protest with a sound track. musicians held a small public concert today at davis hall. >> this as the strike against the management passes the one week mark. as musicians play, supporters picketed. they are asking them to release information on its finances. . >> they are giving the ceo big bonuses and trying to cut our benefits. it will cost a lot more if we take the contract they are offering. >> on sunday they canceled its east coast tour after they fail
't the only pushing for change. >> i love teaching. >> reporter: they are airing these adds demanding action. more than 100 national events will be held today, including this one in san francisco. >> we have moms whose children were killed 35 days ago. >> reporter: president obama says restrictions can't end gun deaths or violence all together but restrictions make a difference. >> none of these ideas should be controversial. why wouldn't we want to make it more difficult? >> the nra responded, the economy is weak, national debt is mounting, too many americans are out of work. president obama's push ended as he hugged the mother whose stood with him today. >> reporter: live tonight, and the rally is expected to start in 30 minutes. we have a few people already ready here. they have signs, protect people, not guns. 2500 dead from gun violence. in 30 minutes we will talk to the marchers, how they plan to march. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as the gun debate heats up people rallied that san francisco office of senator dianne feinstein today but this was different. they wanted to sho
nearly $12 million to change its name to that of the website. woodside officials just laughed at the offer. the website made a similar offer to a city in texas. in case you haven't noticed, we are not mentioning the name of the website. >> of course. >>> facebook is expected to make a big announcement next week, which could concern what you see on the social network. the menlo park-based company sent out invitations to a media event on thursday, at which it will showcase a new look for its news feed. although facebook has made some changes to its profile pages and search features in recent years, it has left the news feed largely untouched for quite sometime. >>> a letter from a little girl is teaching a lesson in telling the truth and about doing the right thing. a girl named evie wrote the rangers at yosemite national park, after accidentally leaving the grounds with two sticks. you can see the sticks in the letter. in the letter, she writes, quote, i know i'm not supposed to take things from the park, so i am sending them back. please put them in nature. a ranger wrote evie
investigation. so far no employees have been placed on administrative leave but that could change depending on how the investigation developing. allie rasmus. >>> a youth baseball coach charged with child molestation has turned himself in. the contra costa county investigator says that joel kauffman was booked and released this afternoon. he was charged with two counts of lewd acts with a child. he coached at oakland bishop odouse high school. >>> a batch of marijuana laced brownnies could be the cause of the sickening of some teenagers. >> reporter: these brownnies were passed around at wood shop. the district will only confirm five students got sick but some family members have been here in the hospital today insist it was more than that. as kids walked out of martin luther king middle school they had already heard the news. someone was handing out brownnies laced with marijuana. >> reporter: eduardo palomino says his for did not know what was in the brownnie. >> she felt drowsiness, tired, numbness, tingling. >> the school district has to take action on this like right away. it's not ac
well. everything changed out here today when the owner saw his boat on tv this morning and reported it stolen. >> straight from a $2 million luxury yacht into police custody, authorities in pacifica pulled two men and a woman off of the sailboat darling around noon. run aground in shallow water about 20 yards off of linda mar beach, it all started with a call about a boat in distress early this morning. at one point a diver with the coast guard threw a radio on toth deck to communicate with the three people on board but one man later shouted back he wasn't going anywhere. >> they essentially do not want their coast guard's help at this point. >> police say the darling's rightful owner called them when he saw his boat ton morning news. missings from its slip at the sausalito harbor, all that was left were the steps toth boat and a shredded shore power cable. >> this was sort of a dream boat. >> jerry tarpin says he's delivered boats for the darling's owner before and despite easy access to boats in this harbor he never expect add heist like this one. >> it rarely happens so this is k
similar changes to their psychological states. they still had symptoms of anxiety. they may need additional support. >>> riverside is the latest county facing lawsuit over the conditions of the jails. they're trying to negotiate a settlement to a lawsuit. in 2011 governor brown ordered lower level offenders be sent to jails. over crowding and poor medical care are now being reported at the county level. >>> the department says they submitted a completed investigation to the alameda county da's office. a former teacher at the school taped a toddler's wrist and ankle after refusing to take a nap. >>> california state university will have extra money to spend. the trustees meet tomorrow to make plans for $125 million in extra state funding expected for the 2013-2014 academic year. other possibilities include boosting salaries and paying for increased energy and health cost. >>> university of california is gearing up to maybe allow students to take online testing. it would allow students who cannot get in
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24